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My experience with Valerie in my practice can be described as invaluable and certainly a significant change. Valerie quickly identified and resolved issues in our daily operations as well as helped define long term goals. Her down to earth, no-nonsense approach was exactly what we needed. Thanks to her help and guidance, we reorganized my practice, maximizing my time, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing profits. Over the years, my practice has continued to use the foundations she helped us establish and continued to grow. Once again, Thank you, Valerie.

Steven Stanton, DPM ABPM Diplomate

I have the good fortune to have met up with Valerie with VK Consultant Group who has been instrumental in the setup and rebranding of my practice. She continues to be an invaluable asset in my organization and I cannot give sufficient accolades for her performance!

Dr. Victor L. Yang, MD Texas Institute of Digestive Health

Mrs. Carter was phenomenal! At a time when my professional career was going in a new and exciting direction, she was most instrumental in helping me to get there. She was knowledgeable, efficient, steadfast, and more Importantly finished the job with amazing integrity. Even after completing my project she has always remained close by for questions related to my medical practice, the business of medical practice, and even staffing questions. I can truly say that Mrs. Carter Is the absolute best healthcare practice professional consultant that any physician could choose!

Dr. Gregory L. Shannon, MD

Gastroenterolgy Associates of Texas, PA

When I decided to go into private practice, I really didn’t know where to start. A friend recommended VK Consultant Group, and I’m so glad that she did. VK Consultant Group handled everything, from getting me credentialed on all of the insurance plans, to finding the perfect office space and negotiating the contract. They even helped with hiring my staff, the office decor, and what electronic medical record to use. Everything went smoothly and I couldn’t have been happier. I have and would recommend her highly, they are the best at what they do!

Dr. Sophia L. Burns, MD

My experience with VK Consultant Group in my practice can be described as invaluable and certainly a game changer. VK Consultant Group quickly identified and resolved issues in our daily operations as well as helped define long term goals. Her down to earth, no-nonsense approach was exactly what we needed. Thanks to her help and guidance, we reorganized my practice, maximizing my time, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing profits. Once again, Thank you, VK Consultant Group.

Dr. Steven J. Stanton, DPM CyFair Family Footcare

When deciding to go into private practice in 2004, I knew who I trusted to guide me, VK Consultant Group. Having had experience with her as we both had previously worked with a multispecialty group, I knew first hand her professionalism, knowledge and work ethic. As I had no idea how to start a medical business, VK Consultant guided me through the entire process effortlessly. Insurance credentialing, locating office space, procuring office equipment and supplies, reviewing and selection of EMR, etc., were all made possible due to the expertise of VK Consultant. I have and will continue to recommend VK Consultant to everyone who wants a chance to be successful!!

Dr. Cynthia D. McNeil, MD

McNeil Center for Womens Healthcare

VK Consultant Group has truly been a light in my practice. It can be hard sometimes to find a consultant that you can fully trust to give you real and true advice and not just the standard recommendations that you can find anywhere. She works hard to understand the specific needs and deficiencies in your practice and develops individualized solutions based on what you need. With VK Consultant Group in your corner you don’t feel alone and if you listen to her advice your practice can become the practice of your dreams.

Dr. Kourtney D. Sims, MD, F.A.C.O.G., N.C.M.P.

Crossroads OB/GYN and WELLNESS, P.A.

VK Consultant Group helped make my transition from a physician within a group practice to solo practice a seamless one. During a time that was filled with uncertainty and discourse, she developed and executed a plan that has provided a blueprint for success for Jenkins Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine over the past 10 years. I would highly recommend VK Consultant Group as I continue to benefit from their guidance.

Dr. Terrell L. Jenkins, MD

Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine

I have had the pleasure of observing Valerie Carter work with a mutual client and have been extremely impressed with her business acumen. Building a physician practice from the ground floor can be a very daunting and cumbersome task for any new or tenured physician but with Valerie’s experience, she has made it look easy as she is exceptionally organized, motivated and driven. This alone has yielded tremendous results and catapulted this new practice to an unreachable level by other physicians in the specialty. If you are starting a new practice or would like for someone to help transform an existing practice, I would not hesitate to contact VK Consultant Group.

Kristy Schellberg

Senior Executive Immunology Specialist

VK Consultant Group alone with Valerie Carter is nothing but the best. They go above and beyond your expectations. There broad approach that can generate valuable results in a variety of environments. If you are looking for a consultant group to help you streamline your practice please consider them. I highly recommend VK Consultant Group, and Valerie Carter to anyone.

Blanca Garza

Health Monitor Network

Valerie Carter was hired as the consultant for my husband’s new practice. He started over after leaving a 30-year group practice to start his own solo practice. She was very professional, upfront, caring and honest. She got everything up and running in record time in a seamless manner. 1 year later she successfully opened our second practice double the size. Because of VK professionalism and expertise, we have continued our relationship for them to manage our practice. We have become a family. I highly recommend VK Consultant Group.

Rachel Messina

I met Valerie Carter of VK Consultant Group through a physician Etairos works within the area of clinical trials. Valerie is the business administrator for this physician. From our initial contact, it is clear that Valerie was detail oriented and also possessed a comprehensive skill set for managing a medical practice. Experience leads one to ask the right questions, Valerie asked all the right questions. Above all was her obvious concern for her client’s well being and her effort to create a business relationship which was mutually beneficial to all parties. Not only do I recommend her to anyone else looking for a practice management consultant, as they say, “I’m putting my money where my mouth is” and will be using VK Consulting to help Etairos plan, launch and operate DPC medical practices. I look forward to working closely with her on this venture.

Anthony L. Witted – Director, Business Development

Etairos Clinical Research

Mrs. Carter is such a wonderful example of professional, I have seen the chaos that can occur when physicians start a new practice. I watched Mrs. Carter seamlessly transition a tenured physician into a new practice at two locations. Her attention to detail from credentialing, privileging, built out, staffing and decor are impeccable. VK Consultant Group is a definite jewel to the healthcare consultant arena.

Cindy Byrd

Specialty Territory Manager 20 Years Experience

I approached VK Consultant Group because I needed to open a new medical practice. The result was the creation of a successful and profitable practice. VK Consultant Group helped me by providing high-quality OBGYN care to the community. One thing I liked was her experience in conjunction with her progressive and diversified approach it allowed me to rapidly grow a large and devoted patient base. I found the experience of significant value since VK Consultant Group helped meet our patient visits and revenue objectives by the end of the first year. I would recommend VK Consultant Group to people who desire to create a medical practice that exceeds patient expectations and theirs.

Yvette M. Poindexter, MD